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When I first heard about Science Fit I was rehabilitating a torn ACL.  I injured my ACL doing competitive Jiu Jitsu.  Initially I was skeptical of the Science Fit program.  I could not understand how one could get the implied benefits from the short duration and infrequency of workouts Science Fit advocates.

I read the book that covers the techniques used at Science Fit, “Body By Science.”  As a physician, I know that not all research is good research, so I found myself reading many of the peer reviewed research articles referenced in the book.  Most traditional workout regimens used today are based on anecdotal methods developed in the 1940’s.  The main thing they all have in common is that their is absolutely no research to back them up.  The medicine I practice is evidence based, why shouldn’t my workout be evidence based as well?

I've been with Science Fit since that time and not only have I completely rehabilitated my ACL injury but I’ve also gained enough strength to take my competitive Jiu Jitsu to the expert level.

Gary R. M.D.
Edmond, OK


As a carpenter by trade I maintain a moderately active lifestyle. Yet, at 42 years of age I'd grown to nearly 200 pounds on a 5’10” frame and that amount of weight did not agree with me or my long suffering back. I've never been into fitness or sports and in fact, I'd never worked out until I was introduced to Science Fit. For the past 16 weeks, I've been training at Science Fit once weekly for 20 minutes each session. In a slow and controlled manner, I attempt to exert to my absolute physical limit (unless instructed otherwise). The results of my efforts have astounded me. I've followed the dietary recommendations given to me and today I'm down to 168 lbs. I'm also stronger than I've been in a long time and I'm beginning to see muscles where they have not been visible since my 20’s. And those muscles are incredibly dense!

As well as the outward physical changes, I've noticed other changes that are more profound. I'm a recovering alcoholic that has also struggled with depression since adolescence. Although the depression has improved gradually since I stopped abusing alcohol and drugs 8 years ago, my difficulty with both alcohol addiction and depression leads me to believe I may suffer from abnormal brain chemistry. Remarkably, about 10 weeks into my Science Fit program I realized that I'm the happiest I've been in my entire adult life! Perhaps I'm seeing the results of boosted self confidence or perhaps I'm experiencing improved brain chemistry brought on by the positive changes in diet and exercise. Regardless of the specifics, I'm certain that it would not have occurred without my introduction to Science Fit. Thanks Science Fit.

Rex M.
Oklahoma City, OK


Chronic illness many times inhibits our ability to exercise.  The greatest thing about Science Fit is that despite my SLE (lupus) - I am achieving fitness goals previously unattainable.  I'm NOT a "fitness freak" - I'm a 45 year old woman that wants to have quality of life. I'm planning on being around for another 40 years at least and prefer to spend it enjoying life - not lamenting aches and pains due to inactivity.  In only 6 months, I have gone down two clothing sizes - and have no downtime unlike other exercise regimes that leave me sore for 3-4 days after a "good workout."  So Science Fit is a no-brainer for me - a second chance at a quality of life I only dreamed of achieving - feeling good, looking good (so my family and friends tell me) and KNOWING I can - not HOPING I can - achieve health goals to a better life with my husband.  The best is yet to be.

Lori O.
Norman, OK


Being an amateur bicycle racer, it was extremely hard if not impossible for me to get any workout other than the normal 10-15 hours per week on the bike. When I would go to the gym it was like I walked out knowing I needed more from the workout. Time would just not permit me to spend the time I felt I needed, therefore when I heard about Science Fit, I had to investigate.

WOW! A complete  body workout and only in 30 minutes per week.  I can't start to tell you how much better the cycling is coming along due to your workouts.  After 3 months I am stronger on the bike and upper body pains associated to the cycling are nearly gone.

Thanks for all you do.

Les B.
Business Owner
Oklahoma City, OK


I've been training at ScienceFit since the end of September 2011. During much of that time, I've been training twice weekly, resistance training once a week and sprint training on the bicycle and ROM machine once a week. I've now lost 30 pounds of body weight and become stronger but what I'm most happy about is the condition of my knees. Prior to coming to Science Fit my orthopedic surgeon informed me I needed replacements of both knees. I have bone on bone conditions in both. I had the left knee "cleaned out" a couple of years ago in hopes it would last longer. I tried the various miracle knee injections with no positive results. For several years I had injections of cortisone in both knees several times a year so that I could endure higher levels of physical activity. By 2010 the cortisone injections no longer worked. My left knee's range of motion had declined to about 100 degrees and I was in more or less constant pain. By 2011 I could not walk more than a few blocks without experiencing excruciating pain. In the summer of 2011, I had to take fairly strong pain medication just to be able to go on vacation. Even then, I couldn't walk more than a few blocks without stopping to rest my knees. That summer at AirVenture (a big fly in) volunteers stopped often to give me rides. Pheasant hunting in the fall of 2011 was miserable and dangerous as I tripped and fell often.

Fast forward to the summer of 2012 after several months of training at Science Fit. While at Airventure 2012 I was able to walk most of the day without having to stop due to knee pain. A few months later in the fall of 2012 on a trip to Boston, which required a great deal of walking, I noticed that I had no pain at all! I also noticed that my range of motion in my left knee had increased from 100 degrees to about 120 degrees. In the fall of 2012, while pheasant hunting I also experienced no pain whatsoever. I no longer tripped and fell due to an inability to bend my knee. Its now been a couple of months since I've had any pain at all in my knees. Having tried everything short of major surgery to relieve, what was at times, unbearable pain... this is truly amazing!

The positive results I now enjoy are attributed to changing my diet, incorporating as many of the Science Fit lifestyle recommendations as I can, and the nature of the Science Fit training protocol itself. However, the beneficial changes have not come overnight. The process of change has required patience and perseverance on my part. But really, given the complete failure of medical science to relieve my pain (except through the possibility of major surgery) the results I've received from training at Science Fit are... miraculous!

Thank you Science Fit.

Tony C.
Business Owner
Oklahoma City, OK


When Dr. Milligan asked for my professional accounting advice in 2010 regarding a new business venture and then told me what it was, I said “Sign me up.”  After a year of training, just about every week someone tells me I look “good” or asks “Have you lost weight?”  I haven’t lost weight, it’s just in better places.  My winter coat is now too tight in the shoulders & has to be replaced.

I feel better physically than I have in a long time.  And that feeling started within the first month, not just recently.  I have more physical energy and sleep a little less each night than before without feeling tired.  I rarely feel like a mid-afternoon nap/crash like I used to 3 or 4 times a week.  Yes, most weeks I feel like I can’t move for about half an hour after I finish my training, but for the next week I feel much, much better than before I started the program.

I could not do this without some type of professional assistance and Science Fit is it.  Most folks, me included, need the coach/trainer to make sure the movements are correct and that you don’t quit too soon or go too far and cause injury.  With one-on-one supervision, I know I’m getting the full attention of the trainer.  No distractions.  Just you against yourself.  This program works.

Randy C.
Edmond, OK


After two babies, a very stressful divorce, becoming a single mom, passing 40 years of age and working at an extremely high stress day job, my weight just kept creeping up. I'd been to my doctor several times for help with the stress, anxiety and inevitable depression that came from my demanding schedule and growing hormone imbalances. Finally I went back and told him, "I don't want any more meds, I want something that is going to help me in the long term." Dr. David Jayne, a wise man indeed, pulled from his pocket a Science Fit business card and informed me that excercise was the best way address all my ills and this was where to go to exercise correctly.

Excercise? Let's review: single mom, two busy boys, high-stress job, where was an exercise regimen going to fit in with all of this?? So I called and made an appointment. I was immediately intrigued with the Science Fit program because it was only 30 minutes, once a week and the training protocol was research based. At my initial consultation visit they explained the program details to me and directed me to some very educational online videos. Since I live and breath research based methods I decided to move some things around in my life and then established a re-occurring weekly time to train. I made a one year commitment to myself beginning the first of March 2012. As I began to work with my trainers, I would talk with them and learn something new every session. I adopted a "Primal" or "Paleo" or "low insulin" diet for optimal health. I started by reading a few recommended books and then just kept on reading. There is so much information and misinformation out there and it turns out that most of what we think we know as "common knowledge" regarding health and fitness... is absolutely wrong!

By June 2012 it seemed as if the excess body weight had just "fallen off" of me. As an example, I was picking up my son after camp one day and he was standing behind me calling my name, as if he did not see me standing right there. I turned around and he jumped. He didn't recognize me! To date I've lost 40 lbs of fat and replaced it with healthy muscle in the process! Regular, high intensity but low impact strength training and adopting a "clean" eating style have helped me change my metabolism, my body and my life. I have so much more energy, I take NO MEDS, and my boys now struggle to keep up with me now!

Thank you Science Fit!

Jennifer N.
Edmond, OK


I’d been training at Science Fit for almost one year when, although having had skepticism at first, I became a complete believer. After seeing the Science Fit advertisement in the Edmond Outlook I called and arranged for my first workout. Since I’ve engaged in weight training on and off for over 33 years, I never thought only one workout session per week for 30 minutes would be enough to build muscle mass. Wow, was I ever wrong! This high intensity, low-impact workout completely breaks down the muscle to a degree that your body needs the additional time to fully recover. When I began the Science Fit training regimen, I also changed my diet to one of low carb and high protein. The combination of training and diet has transformed my body composition by making me much leaner while building muscle mass and shrinking my waist by over 4 inches. If you are interested in a workout program that will make you stronger and not require an investment of 4 – 5 days per week to accomplish your goals, I would highly encourage you try Science Fit. It has changed my life!

Steve F.
Banking Senior Vice President
Edmond, OK


Having played college football (West Point & OU) then going through jungle survival and POW training as an Air Force pilot, I thought I had experienced physical challenges.  I have to say Science Fit is testing my physical limitations!  I have been amazed at the physical exertion in a workout that lasts only 30 minutes a week and you never break a sweat.  You could never push yourself to this level without a personal trainer.

Check out Science Fit, you won't believe it until you try it!

Rick M.
Healthcare Executive
Edmond, OK


Dr. Milligan came to my business one day in April of 2010 to talk about upgrading some of his Medex exercise equipment in use at Science Fit.  When he explained his training protocol to me and how he employed the equipment at Science Fit, I was very interested.   As a middle aged male, I've been plagued with chronic pain from old injuries that resulted from a life of hard work and hard play.  Traditional exercise routines had been very frustrating for me because they always increased my pain and my recovery was never quite complete due to additional daily life stressors.  After talking with Dr. Milligan that day I was very eager to try the Science Fit training protocol.

I've been training at Science Fit now for nine months and I've steadily gained lean mass and strength over that time.   Additionally, the chronic aches and pains I'm accustomed to have not increased but rather decreased.  Specifically, the back pain is gradually improving as my core gets stronger and stronger.

I would definitely recommend Science Fit to anyone at any age.  My 14 year old son trained at Science Fit and steadily gained strength without over training his young, growing body.

Thanks Dr. Milligan... thanks Science Fit.

James S.
Business Owner
Edmond, OK


I'm a 66 year old male and former athlete throughout high school. During my college years I became a smoker and drinker. Fortunately, I quit smoking after 10 years and by my forties I quit drinking alcohol. I had sporadically exercised over the years but still managed to steadily gain weight over time. This prompted me to take up stationary cycling 2 to 4 times weekly (or more) for a period of 5 years. Even with this level of effort I merely succeeded in building my body fat level to 32% of total body weight.

In my early 60's I became more serious about improving my overall health so I improved my dietary habits and began resistance training for exercise. I strongly disliked the popularized forms of 'cardio' but thought they were necessary to achieve health. I then began training with a personal trainer and lost body fat and gained lean muscle mass.

In June of 2011, I began training at Science Fit. Since that time I've further reduced my body fat (now in the low 20's) and added additional muscle mass with the best confirmation I've ever had. In April 2012, I had an annual visit with my cardiologist. I've made it a practice to visit a cardiologist for several years now due to a strong history of cardiovascular disease on both sides of my family. As usual he pronounced my cardiac health as excellent. This year he performed a treadmill stress test since I had not had one in 4 years. He terminated the test when he had collected enough data but before I was fully exhausted. After reviewing the test results, he reported that my cardiac function had improved by 15%! This validated what Dr. McGuff and Dr. Milligan had both been explaining... properly performed resistance training provides cardiovascular health without the need to perform what is popularly conceptualized as 'cardio' exercise.

Needless to say, I'm a strong advocate and devotee of Science Fit and high intensity, low impact resistance training!

Curtis C.
Oklahoma City, OK


I've worked out sporadically for most of my adult life. The reason it was sporadic was due to the time required. When I heard about Science Fit offering a once weekly workout lasting only 30 minutes, I was very intrigued. After visiting Science Fit and learning about the one-on-one supervision, the private training room with nobody else allowed except the trainer, and the individualized workout routine designed for your personal needs, I was sold.

Now, after only 6 months training at Science Fit I've noticed great changes in my body. I have more strength & energy. I've lost over 20 lbs and toned and tightened my muscles and I’m even fitting back into jeans I haven't been able to wear for years.

With encouragement from the Science Fit staff, I adopted a "Primal" eating strategy and I’m shocked at how easy it was to change my eating habits. I don’t get hungry very often anymore and I'm satisfied with less food.

I highly recommend Science Fit!

Diana S.
Oklahoma City, OK